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Adonidia multi 8 to 9ft

Adonidia 17" 8-9’ Multi

Adonidia 10 to 11ft multi group photo

Adonidia 21" 10-11’ Multi

Adonidia 10 to 11ft multi

Adonidia 21" 10-11’ Multi

Aglaonema Green Lady

Aglaonema Green Lady 10" 20-22"


10" Aglaonema Green Lady

Aglaonema Jubilee

Aglaonema Jubilee 10" 20-22"


10" Aglaonema Jubilee


14" Ag. Jubilee


8" Aglaonema Mary Ann

Aglaonema Mary Ann

Aglaonema Mary Ann 8" 14-16"

Aglaonema Mary Ann

Aglaonema Mary Ann 10" 20-22"


14" Ag Mary Ann

Aglaonema Green Stripe 14 inch

Aglaonema Green Stripes 14" 26-28"


8" Aglaonema Stripes

Chamadorea Nani family

Chamadorea - Nani -Family

Chamadorea Nani 2g

Chamaedorea "Nani" 2G 3-3.5’

Chamadorea Nani 5g

Chamaedorea "Nani" 5G 5-5.5’


8" Dracaena Lemon Lime


10" Dracaena Lemon Lime

Dracaena Lisa

Draceana Lisa* Family 9" 10" 12"

Dracaena Lisa 10in 5ft

Dracaena Lisa* 10" 5-5.5’ C/B 4ppp

Dracaena Compacta Hawaiian

Dracaena Compacta Hawaiian 3.5-4’ 4ppp

Dracaena Compacta Hawaiian 4 to 5ft

Dracaena Compacta Hawaiian 4.5-5’ 4ppp

Dracaena Michiko 9in 4ft

Dracaena Michiko* 9" 4’ C/B

Dracaena Pele 10in

Dracaena Pele 10" 5-5.5’

Dracaena Rikki

Dracaena Rikki Family

Dracaena Warneckii 9in 4ft

Dracaena Warneckii 9" 4’ 3ppp

Dracaena Warneckii 12in 6ft plus

Dracaena Warneckii 12" 6-6.5’ 4ppp


10" Dracaena Warneckii Ulises


10" Drac. Warneckii Ulises

Dracaena Marginata Magenta Stump 10in 3ft

Dracaena Marg. Magenta Stump 10" 3’


17" Dracaena Marginata Stump

Dracaena Marginata Character

Dracaena Marginata Character 17" 7-8’

Dracaena Janet Craig bush

Dracaena Janet Craig Bush 10" 36-38"

Dracaena Medusa Standard

Dracaena Medusa Standard 10" 3.5-4’

Dracaena Medusa bush

Dracaena Medusa Bush 10" 3.5-4’

Dracaena Medusa Bush 14in

Dracaena Medusa Bush 14" 3.5-4’

Ficus Amstel Braid 14in 5ft

Ficus Amstel Braid 14" 5’


14" Ficus Amstel King Braid


17" Ficus Amstel King Braid

Ficus Amstel King 17in

Ficus Amstel King 17" 6.5-7’

Ficus Lyrata Standard 10in 4ft

Ficus Lyrata Standard 10" 4-4.5’

Ficus Lyrata Standard 14in 5 to 6ft

Ficus Lyrata Standard 14" 5-6’

Ficus Lyrata Standard

Ficus Lyrata Standard 14" 5-6’

Ficus Lyrata Bush 17in

Ficus Lyrata Bush 17" 8’


10" Ficus Lyrata Standard


14" Ficus Lyrata Standard


10" Ficus Spire

Ficus Spire 14in 5ft plus

Ficus Spire 14" 5-5.5’


14" Ficus Spire


6" Jade Jewel Dragon

Hawaiian Kentia group shot

Kentia Hawaiian - family

Hawaiian Kentia aka- Howea Forsteriana

Kentia Hawaiian 8" 3-3.5’ 4-6ppp

Hawaiian Kentia 10in 4ft plus

Kentia Hawaiian 10" 4-4.5’ 4ppp

Kentia from Hawaii 14in 7ft plus

Kentia Hawaiian 14" 7-7.5’ 4ppp

Hawaiian Kentia 17in 9 to 10ft

Kentia Hawaiian 17" 9-10’ 4ppp

Norfolk Island Pine, Auracarea Excelsa 14in 5ft plus

Norfolk Island Pine 14" 5-5.5’

Pleomele Song of India 14in 5ft plus

Pleomele Song of India 14" 5-5.5’ Character Bush

Pleomele Song of India 17in 6 to 7ft Character Bush

Pleomele Song of India 17" 6-7’ Character Bush

Pleomele Reflexa 21in

Pleomele Reflexa 21"

Rhapis Excelsa, Lady Finger Palm 10in

Rhapis Excelsa 10" 32-36"

Rhapis Excelsa 21in 8ft plus

Rhapis Excelsa 21" 8-8.5’

Rhapis Hawaiian 5g 5ft

Rhapis Hawaiian 5G 5’ Column

Hawaiian Rhapis 7g

Rhapis Hawaiian 7G 6’ Column

Hawaiian Rhapis 10gal 8ft

Rhapis Hawaiian 10G 8’ Column

Hawaiian Grown Rhapis 15gal 9ft

Rhapis Hawaiian 15G 9’

Rhapis from Hawaii 15g 10ft

Rhapis Hawaiian 15G 10’


8" Sanseveria Black Coral

Sanseveria Black Coral 14in, beautiful dark mother-in-law tongue plants

Sanseveria Black Coral 14" 46-48"

Sanseveria Black Gold 10in

Sanseveria Black Gold 10" 32-36"


14" Sanseveria Black Gold


14" Sanseveria Black Gold


10" Sanseveria Laurentii

Sanseveria Laurentii 14in

Sansevieria Laurentii 14" 26-28"


14" Sanseveria Laurentii

Sanseveria Silver Queen 10in

Sanseveria Silver Queen 10" 34-36"


14" Sanseveria Silver Queen


14" Sanseveria Silver Queen

Schefflera Arboricola Braid 17in 7ft plus

Schefflera Arboricola Braid 17" 7-7.5’


Song of India

Strelitzia White Bird, Strelitzia Nicholai 14in 5 to 6ft

Strelitzia White Bird 14" 5-5.5’

White Bird of Paradise 17in 6 to 7ft

White Bird 17" 6.5-7’

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