Our Product Line

Professional Grade Plant Material

We inventory sizes from 3" to 17" for all your install needs. Our specimen line includes sizes from 17" to 30" pots.

Consolidated Foliage Inc, is your leading grower for:

Please call us, we would be happy to add your name to our monthly email on updates to our availability. Remember, If you don't see what you are looking for on our availability list we will be happy to source the material for you from over 400 local nurseries. We work closely with our fellow Nurserymen here in Florida. We will make the calls - pick up the plant material, and consolidate your load saving you costly pick-up charges.

Spring Tropicals and Patio Plants

In the Spring we expand our product line to include colorful tropicals for your exterior needs.
below we have a slide-show of our springtime product line. To view the images at higher resolution, here is a link to our Consolidated Spring Color and Foliage guide in PDF format.

Here is a sampling of our Spring list

  • Hibiscus - in assorted varieties, styles and colors
  • Flowering Trellis Tropicals - Bougainvillea, Jasmine, Mandevillea and more..
  • 6" Blooming Plants - from Adenium to Texas Sage
  • Blooming Bushes & Trees - from 8" to 14"
  • Colorful Tropical Foliage
  • Sun Tolerant Palms
  • and More..
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If not presently on our email list please contact us and we will be gladly send you monthly updates.
Drop us a line at info@consolidatedfoliage.com

Whether you are looking for premium grade tropical foliage for interiors or high quality Spring time colorful tropicals, Consolidated Foliage is your full service nursery!

Give us a call at 1-800-785-2788

Spring Color and Spring Foliage guide, photo book of 2013 Spring Product line

Check out our Spring Slide Show.
Our  Our Spring Book  is also available for download in PDF format